The Why is a forum for fans of the Montana State Bobcats. As part of a redesign and rebrand of their site. The site needed a fresh brand to match the new brand of the athletic department itself.

My Role

I was asked to create new logos for the site including a secondary logo, single-color versions, and a distinct BN lettermark for embroidered use.


After some discussion, it was determined that a direction including visual reference to the previous logo that included a paw and claws. I created a BN lettermark with tufted paw and long claws gripping it. A second version of the BN mark with scratches on it was also created.

A secondary logo was created using a Bobcat head created by an illustrator friend of mine.


The users of the site enjoyed the new logo, and embroidered gear, tailgate signage, and other off-site uses of the logo were created.


Working with fellow fans of the Bobcats was an honor and pleasure. The site is continually well trafficked by fans.