Wisetail APEXTWO Signage

The Problem

For the second annual Wisetail user conference, dubbed APEXTWO, signage was needed to welcome clients to what was both a tech conference and an opportunity to show why the company was located in Bozeman, Montana.

The signage had to work with the existing format of Wisetail's traveling booth signage stands, be easily readable from a distance, and be created with a small budget for photography.

My Role

I was responsible for both the design direction and the creation of conference signage and other graphics working on a theme of welcoming clientele to Montana and reinforcing Wisetail's culture built around our unique location.


Photography from the Absarorka-Beartooth wilderness not far from Bozeman was chosen for its ruggedness and beauty. The photos were set off against bold typography and a replica of Montana's 1976 bicentennial license plates (that were the only plate design available until the early 1990s with the title of the conference “APEXTWO” title.

Quotations like John Muir's, “The mountains are calling and I must go" were chosen for both a welcome to the mountains and an answer to why Wisetail is based in such a unique place.


The signs were well-received and commented on throughout the conference. The "license plate" image was reused for stickers with the text “Wisetail" for stickers that are still popular promotional give-aways.


Using photos from a Kickstarter, bold type, and some nostalgic creativity for the license plate artwork, I was able to create signage that made the conference more welcoming for those who traveled all the way to Montana to attend.