The Why

As a small, growing company, Wisetail needed a unique way of thanking clients during the holidays. We decided to highlight our Montana roots in the cards we printed and sent to each client.

My Role

I was given the responsibility to create the illustration for the cards. The main requirement was that it somehow tied into the Bozeman, Montana area visually.


For the first year, I chose a travel poster-style depiction of one of the local ski areas, Bridger Bowl to celebrate a hobby that most Wisetailers enjoy.

The second year, I decided to show more of downtown Bozeman, which required much more detail in brickwork, textures, lighting, and other building details. The illustration featured the blue light on top of the Baxter Hotel, which lights up when there's fresh snow at Bridger Bowl.


The illustrations were well-received enough that the decision was made to create posters as well as greeting cards.